Thursday, February 21, 2013

The third installment of the All-Vinyl In-Store series was this Saturday. Once again, four DJs played to a packed house of shoppers here at Hyde Park Records. In case you missed it, here’s the rundown:

First up was the man himself, Mr. Jaytoo. Now I’ve noticed that every time Jaytoo gets on the decks, sure enough, some kid in the crowd will start waving his smart phone in the air, trying to figure out what he’s spinning. It never works. What Jaytoo does is too deep for Shazam! No iPhone app anywhere is gonna be able to tell you you’re listening to the theme of Cat People slowed down fifty percent. C’mon now! Next time, just ask him. He’s not as mean as he looks.

A cat named C-dub took over the decks next and showed us something special. First, he took us through the history of hip-hop, reminding us exactly where those samples came from by playing the funkiest of the funky jazz. Then he treated us to a mixed bag of reggae, funk, rap and dub and through its fluidity, C-Dub’s set showed us the interconnectedness of all musical genres. Think Donald Byrd with a grill.

Next up was TGHTCNTRL. My heart goes out to the dude. A recent break-in left him robbed of an obscene amount of wax. But that didn’t stop him from delivering one of the hottest improvised sets we’ve seen to date, playing the kind of funk and rare-groove that have become a staple of the All-Vinyl Series and you would’ve been hard-pressed to find a shopper who wasn’t bobbing their head to beat.

Afterwards, Kwest_On took over and with his furious finger-work reminded us of one, indisputable truth: simply playing songs sequentially does not make you a DJ. Kwest_On span with skill and delibration. Scratching, mixing, and tweaking the soundboard to give us a bass-driven set that that was as ambient and cerebral as it was up-tempo and danceable. In short: pure skill.

And that’s that. Once again, if you missed it, I’m sorry for you. But don’t worry because Jaytoo will be back February 26th with Ayana Conteras, Kennedy Ashinze, and ShredOne!

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